Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pasta and Cheese Brûlée

Last night I felt like another comfort food so I whipped egg noodles with short ribs Bolognese sauce (from freezer) topped with grilled cheese. I didn’t feel like preheating big broiler in my gas oven so I’ve decided to use torch just like in Crème Brûlée. I thought that it would be original but today I Goggled it and what do you know, there is a dish called Goat cheese Crème Brûlée. I was floored. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Julia Child was first to use this technique, she was so creative. (And so am I, me think J)


Anonymous said...

This is nice. What is the type of goat cheese used? Eric Gagnon

Tillsonburgarian said...

It wasn't a goat cheese but a cheese from an Amish farm. Unpausterized and unheated. It has a rubbery texture and is so good. I paid $8 for four(yes, 4) pound wheel.