Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Breakfast Idea

This morning when I opened fridge door and saw some asparagus, Swiss cheese and eggs I saw a breakfast.
So simple and utterly delicious. I just peeled bottom half of asparagus stem, nuked it in wet paper towel for 1 minute and then wrapped in 3 thin slices of Swiss cheese and broiled in toaster oven till cheese melted. While this was going on I scrambled 2 eggs plus 2 egg whites that I had leftover from other meal, toasted and sliced English muffins, plated it (on preheated plate as usual, of course) garnished with a sliced tomato and bingo! Breakfast done in about 5 minutes.
Next time I’ll wrap the asparagus in cheese and then slice of ham. My first choice would be prosciutto but no prosciutto for sale in our town.


Anonymous said...

Late breakfast, a cold Sunday, a cozy fire... A great moment for comfort food. When I am doing an omelette, I like to add to the eggs before cooking a blend of Dijon mustard, blue cheese (ideally 'Roche Noire' from Alexis de Portneuf!) and heavy cream that I mix in equal part with a fork until very smooth. It gives to the eggs a juicy sensation with a kick. Try it, you'll see. Eric Gagnon

Tillsonburgarian said...

I never thought of Dijon, thanks for great tip. This version had extra 2 egg whites and they made it very light, almost like a Soufflé.
I just love blue cheese but they are so bloody expensive!