Sunday, December 26, 2010

Duck Soup

Without doubt this must be most complicated version that I have ever came up with. This soup included 13 ingredients (in blue) and I have to count how many heat processes I’ve managed to use (roasting, simmering, boiling, sautéing). Let me count:
1)     I roasted the bones, necks and wings with root vegetables for 3 hours.
2)     I simmered the above for stock for another 3 hours and then I strained and degreased the stock and removed meat from necks, backs and wings.
3)     Boiled barley for 40 minutes and drained.
4)     Boiled wild rice at the same time in another pot for 55 minutes and drained.
5)     Sautéed sliced gizzards, hearts, shallots and cremini mushrooms in duck fat for 20 minutes.
6)     Returned the stock to simmer and added: Raw carrot, celeriac, leek, celery, garlic, wild rice, barley, sautéed shallots, gizzards, heart, mushrooms and duck meat.
So, it comes to six separate heat processes taking well over 7 hours over 2 days: 1 roasting, 2 simmers, 2 boils and 1 sauté.
What we ended up with was most incredible soup with every texture imaginable. Will do again next Christmas, for sure. It was well worth it.


Anonymous said...

It is fantastic to see all wath you can do in a kitchen.
I already wonder to taste a few of these meals on our trip next summer.


Tillsonburgarian said...

Thanks, the tasting starts to show and I better go on a diet for a while. BTW, you can comment en Francais if you want.