Sunday, February 20, 2011

Apple Peeler

Courtesy Lee Valley & Veritas Tools.

Originally this post was to be an Apple Pie recipe but since there are tons out there on internet and after looking at the pictures I have decided to post about a tool that made the apple pie a breeze. I’m not talking about my food processor that helped a lot with the dough even though I still had to hand kneaded it, neither am I talking about my 18” square marble tile that helped to keep the dough cold (I chucked the tile on a bank of snow for few minutes J). Both of these kitchen tools helped a great deal to make my butter/lard pie dough super flaky. The tool that helped me the most was an Apple Peeler from Lee Valley. In about 5 minutes (minus time for picture taking) I had 6 huge Granny Smith apples peeled, cored, sliced and slices quartered.
I found a movie from manufacturer on YouTube that shows the peeler in action. Years ago I bought apple peeler that was about 70 years old and it looked the same. You just can’t improve on this relatively simple design.

Note: I posted the recipe anyway J

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