Thursday, January 13, 2011

Using Whole Side of Atlantic Salmon

Every time one of our supermarkets has a good special on fresh New Brunswick salmon fillet I buy whole side and break it up myself. Also, I always call the store and ask exactly when the will receive new shipment and buy it as soon as it is available. I never buy from display case because when I get to the fish counter the salmon is still in a box fresh from a truck.
First thing I do is wipe it clean and remove any bones left behind.
This time I wanted to make more Gravlax so two big chunks went there with skin on. Next 2 pieces were cut for dinner that night (Pan Seared Fillet of Salmon) and tail section and belly were used for sashimi and 3 Sushi Rolls cut into 18 pieces, enough for two of us to munch on whole day! The two fillets and tail were skinned.
For me, this is a way to go when it comes to salmon. I have to mention that salmon freezes extremely well. I usually freeze it in serving pieces and when frozen solid I vacuum pack.
Left to right: Gravlax, 2 fillets, 2nd side for Gravlax and tail for sushi roll and sashimi. Very frugal way to buy salmon.

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