Saturday, November 27, 2010


If there is one completely addictive soup for all seasons it has to be Pho.
I used to simmer the stock for 5 hours till I came across this great recipe on Steamy Kitchen blog. There is no point for me to re-type it here, just click on highlighted links.
In my case I have serve His & Hers version. I love spicy condiments and lot of tripe and tendons in my Pho. Marjo prefers a more western style with meat and meat balls. This time I had to do without mint, basil and tendon that are so important with the soup. Tillsonburg is not Toronto when it comes to Asian herbs, spices and ingredients availability. Still, both versions of Pho were great, as usual J.
What a great soup!

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Marjo said...

This soup was very well presented and offered right away great aroma and had a ouahhhhhhhh factor for the eyes. The different textures were well integrated going from soft to nice bite.There was a sweetness to the dish and the coriander and the lime brought the whole dish together.
Nice comforting soup on a very bad cold day. Well done.